Dec 16th

First outing in the New Year will be at the London Art Fair in Islington from January 15th to 19th . This will be with Waterhouse and Dodd and I will be showing a new large painting -‘Ghost Ship 7’ . Also more solo exhibitions at the end of January in Holland and plans are for a solo in the south of England – more details soon . The limited Edition prints will be available soon as well .

Dec 12th

Meetings, e mails , phone calls – shows being planned for next year and beyond . Possible new , interesting places. First off will be Amsterdam early in the New Year. News soon .

Nov 12th

Just started, this week , working on some new limited edition silk screen prints with Artizan Editions , Hove . They are a short bike ride from my studio which makes a real change . I live and work in Brighton most of the year but unfortunately I have nothing to do with the artistic community here – everything I do is either in London or more often than not , abroad. But this year I have two projects on which are very local – one a new short film around my work which is being co-directed with a filmmaker within walking distance of the studio and the the other is this new print making venture . These will be the first handmade prints I have made in over ten years , the previous ones were all with Edinburgh Printmakers .

Oct 13th

About five months ago someone posted my ‘Close-Up Kiss’ painting from 1988 on their Tumblr page . It has now been re-posted on other peoples pages 50,028 times . I guess that is near to being classed as viral . Most of my other paintings are into the thousands but nowhere near this number . Now, if I had a penny for each re-posting.

Oct 7th

Hoping to be working on a number of new projects which I can start to announce soon . There is a new short film which has already started but is only very slowly being worked on . No dialogue – only sounds . I’m also working on the second part of the ‘Ghost Ship ‘ series – more complex configurations !

Plus a new model is coming in this week to start a new figurative series around a theme – details later . As other projects are confirmed I will post them here and on Facebook . Also off on more travels -Amsterdam , Perugia , Rome and more . It feels like the school term has started again ……

Sept 9th

I shall be exhibiting in Brighton for the first time since 1998 . Its for a charity exhibition for dogs and I will be showing a small , very small self portrait dated 1999 . It will be odd exhibiting in the town where I live and work – I thought I would never do it as there is hardly anywhere here to show .

Sept 3rd

Pleased to be exhibiting again in Moscow at the Moscow Art Fair with Triumph Gallery of Moscow . It runs from Sept 18th to 22nd and I will be showing smaller works . More details on my Facebook page .

Aug 20th

Still nothing to report but many meetings about future projects so hopefully some news soon .

July 30th

Nothing new to report . Working on new paintings, ideas for a new film and an idea for a possible museum show.

June 16th

Just started to make short videos on Facebook around my activities . They are called GDcheapTV and are very informal and direct . Apart from those handmade ones , I’m making a new proper short film with Joe Murray . Last day at Scope also .

May 20th

Next exhibition Scope Basle , June 10th -16th with Frans Jacobs Galerie .

March 23rd

For the first time I shall be having a solo show in Moscow at the Triumph Gallery near Red Square . This will run from the 10th to the 24th April and works will be essentially from my last three solo exhibitions plus rooms devoted to the films . It is a large space. There will also be a catalogue . I will be attending the opening .

March 12th

TEFAF, the Maastricht Art Fair is opening this thursday and runs for 10 days . I will be exhibiting two of the new large ‘Ghost Ship’ series with Frans Jacobs Galerie . TEFAF is the prestige art fair with works of art from Egyptian/Etruscan all the way through to Contemporary . Quite unique. All works are vetted by a large committee to see if they are of the right museum quality as well as validating their status .

Feb 15th

The Galerie Dis exhibition will now run until the end of May . I shall be doing a small talk on Saturday March 2nd at the opening at around 5 pm . This is all dependent on Euro Star and local trains all running on time .

Feb 7th

Works now being sent off for my solo exhibition at Galeries Dis, Hotel Dis, Maastricht in Holland . It starts on Saturday March 2nd and runs for approx two months . Several new works including the Ghost Ships series . Also exhibiting one of the Ghost Ships at TEFAF, Maastrict Art Fair with Frans Jacobs Galerie, 15th -24th March . The solo exhibition will be a good size across a number of spaces at Galerie Dis. Photos will be posted on my Facebook page.

Jan 19th

I was about to go to the London Art Fair last week and I decided to try and work out how many art fairs that I had exhibited in since I started . I soon gave up, it was far too difficult as the very first was the Basle Art Fair in 1974 . At least I started at the top. There must have been 3, 4, or five a year since then . I appreciate that for anyone interested in art they are a great place to go to but I don’t know of too many artists who like them .They do tend to reward the ‘look at me ‘ type of one off pieces – subtle works can often get lost amongst the visual noise.

I admit I have come to dread them as you can almost feel the pressure coming from the galleries – if you don’t sell you are not justifying your place . And these things are expensive for the galleries. I still value the solo show to showcase an artists work – its the only way to see how their ideas develop and to see the links between works – but everything is about context in the artworld . So it also boils down to where an artists solo show is – which space, which gallery , which Museum . All these factors feed into the status and attention or not that the show will generate.

Jan 12th 2013

New small paintings at the London Art Fair with Waterhouse and Dodd – Jan 16th to 20th . Also preparing for a new solo show at Galerie Dis , Hotel Dis in Maastricht , Holland . Starting early March and running for approx two months . More details soon .