Nov 19th

Waterproof will soon be available through Art Films Digital to buy and to stream . This is primarily an Art Film Education site though they plan to have the DVD on sale in a number of museum outlets . There will be 4 films on the discs, the earliest from 1990.

October 1st

Pleased to say that after one whole year ‘Waterproof’ the film is finally finished and a trailer should be up on the site soon . Very proud of it , a sure labour of love that absorbed me for quite some time . Credits are Joe Murray(camera and shared editing) , David Rhodes(music) and Tim Oliver (sound) . We are now editing part 2 which is the interview section .

September 15th

From the 19th I will be exhibiting over 40 new ‘Footprints’ paintings at Judith Wolberink Gallery in Rosengracht 55 , Amsterdam . These are the very small works that I have been making for several years now . They have been described as ‘starter pack’ pictures for collectors . I don’t know how true that is but this new batch are some of the best .

August 27th

I will be exhibiting at the Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam this Autumn – details soon . Don’t forget I keep regular updates and also postings of new paintings and descriptions of other older ones on Facebook .

August 12th

I will be showing two new limited edition silk screen prints at the Curwen Gallery in London from September 3rd. These were edition at Artizan Editions earlier this year . Also ‘Waterproof” nearing completion .

August 1st

Very pleased to say that my large painting ‘Boundary Beach1’ (on front of this web site) has been chosen for the Threadneedle Art Prize Exhibition to be held in late September in London . Further details soon .

June 2014

Film now called ‘Waterproof’ . Its in two parts – first is with sounds and music only and the second part is an interview . We might re-edit if there was chance of a television sale . Working on a number of new series of paintings which also feature in the film – so we film as we go . Interesting way of working .Maybe some news from America soon – I will keep you posted . I am due to have a meeting with Fabriano in Italy soon to discuss a collaboration involving paper and my work . I like invites like this .

May 2014

Finishing line is approaching with the film . I’m very pleased with the way its looking and also the new series of paintings are looking strong . There something about going back to go forwards again – cyclical .

April 2014

Continuing to film and edit and also to exhibit . Next outing is at Art Monaco from April 24-27th with Salamatina gallery of New York . Second time of showing in France in a month and first time in Monaco . Just about to start a new series of paintings – these follow on from the recently completed ‘Boundary Beach’ paintings which will also be in the film . I plan to make several new ones so that we can get them into the final edit in the summer . Its taken a lot of filming and hours spent editing but its just starting to knit together .

Excellent response in Paris to the new works . Also now half way through a new short film – made with Joe Murray. Should be ready by the summer.

Feb 2014

Next Art Fair will be Art Paris (March 26th to March 30th) . I will be exhibiting a number of works with the Salamatina Gallery of New York . Also showing will be Andres Serrano – I’m very pleased to showing with someone whose work I have been following since he did ‘Piss Christ’ now several years ago .

Jan 2014

I will be having a solo show at Mid Century Modern in Hoorn , Holland opening Jan 25th and another solo show at Van Breugel Art Projects in Utrecht from January 25th to March 30th.